DestinE Platform Beta Testing Closure Event – 17 May at 11:00 CEST

We are happy to announce the upcoming closure event for the Beta Testing phase of the DestinE Platform, scheduled to take place on Friday 17 May from 11:00-12.30 CEST.

Join us for an interactive session featuring presentations by the DestinE Platform Team, alongside opportunities for active participation from attendees. Through our interactive platform, you will be able to submit questions, share comments, and engage in real-time polls.

We will come back on the objectives of the Beta Testing phase, share an overview of the user engagement as well as live stories from users and the planned roadmap for the official launch of the platform.

Your active involvement is crucial in shaping the DestinE Platform’s future. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to share your insights by completing the online survey, accessible here upon registration.

Save the date on your calendar and register now for the DestinE Platform Beta Testing Closure event: Register here

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