DestinE Data Lake HOOK Service (FaaS - Workflows)


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The Destination Earth Data Lake HOOK Service (FaaS) enables near data processing activities in vicinity of the data from the “DestinE Data Portfolio”.

Access is granted by a governance board using an eligibility verification and approval process. Please Contact us to request access and include your use case description or justification.

The HOOK service provides capabilities to execute high level pre-defined functions (Function-as-a-Service) that users can invoke in vicinity of the data from the “DestinE Data Portfolio”.

The data harvest workflow will allow users to harvest data from a federated data provider a priori of planned data processing or analysis.

The harvested data will be stored inside the DestinE Data Lake for fast and efficient processing.  This service can be combined with the Destination Earth Data Lake Islet Storage service for convenient saving of processing results in user’s S3 buckets.

This service is an “edge service” with restricted access, please request the access through the link to the service.