The DeltaTwin® service offers a collaborative toolbox to build and share your digital twin components. The UI is organized into sections facilitating seamless data representation and organization based on specific analysis topics. The Command line provides the same features as the UI in a CLI mode in order to enable developers to seamlessly script Delta command.

Delta Twin

Operated By:

Gael Systems

The DeltaTwin service aims to offer a collaborative environment for building and running multi scale and composable workflows, leveraging the numerous available data sources, sharing results, and easing interoperability with other digital twin standards and system dynamics models.

It enables users to create and manage projects, named DeltaTwin® components, by handling their storage, configuration and versioning.

The Run module manages the execution of user models on the cloud infrastructure. It offers interoperability mechanism to publish and share new generated data

This service is currently in beta testing to gather feedback and make improvements before becoming fully operational.