Data Cache Management

The Data Cache Management Service (DCMS) supports the Digital Twin initiative by managing and expanding the DestinE Platform's Data Portfolio, providing access to EO data through efficient data handling, storage, and user-driven data requests.
Operated By:


The Data Cache Management Service (DCMS) effectively administers the Data Portfolio of the DestinE Platform. DCMS is Operated by Serco and developed by B-Open and Alia Space.

It does so by fulfilling two primary functions:

  • Data Handling and Storage: DCMS populates the platform’s Data Portfolio, ensuring consistency and completeness. This involves configuring the ingestion, processing (where applicable), and publication of data in specified formats. Data is stored in a ‘local archive’ on the platform, optimizing access times and facilitating efficient retrieval as needed.
  • Data Access and Expansion: DCMS allows registered Users to discover and access the Data Portfolio, enhancing user interaction and utility. Additionally, Service providers can submit requests for the inclusion of specific datasets not currently covered in the Data Portfolio. This feature is vital for evolving the data offerings to meet emerging needs and preferences.