DestinE Streamer

DestinEStreamer revolutionizes Earth Observation and climate data management, leveraging tech for seamless access, streamlined processing, and new services.
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The DestinEStreamer service marks a significant shift in how we handle Earth Observation and climate data in the context of big data.

By leveraging and expanding upon cutting-edge compression and streaming technologies, typically employed in the video-streaming domain, to suit the unique demands of the DestinE ecosystem, this service delivers effortless access to data of the DestinE data cache.

Through a dedicated web interface, Python APIs, and a comprehensive access API, users can seamlessly tap into vast datasets and extensive time-series archives.

This not only optimizes the utility of the DestinE data repository but also streamlines data processing and boosts capabilities in analytical tasks.

With solutions tailored for experts and interested users alike, it democratically opens valuable data to the wider public, fostering collaboration and innovation across diverse communities.