DestinE Platform Opening

The DestinE Platform team is pleased to announce the first release of the system.

Welcome to Destination Earth.

We are proud to bring to you the first release of the system. It will continue to evolve to provide more services, tools and applications to cover the ever growing needs of users.

We invite you to explore a choice of demo features of the current system. They provide a glimpse into some of the capabilities that will progressively become available to all users as the system evolves, culminating in the opening of all system features and services to all users.

Shortly, specific user groups will be able to request access to the advanced features and services of Destination Earth (see the service registry available here) within the limits of currently available system resources, to test, help improve and further develop the system. At this stage, priority of access will be granted to the user groups and partners selected for the above purposes, such as public authorities, scientific and research institutions, and SME’s and start-ups active in priority areas, including to serve EU international commitments. Interested users – stay tuned, registrations for extended access requests will open shortly on the platform.

As Destination Earth develops this initial user access policy will be adapted accordingly.

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