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Climate Adaptation Digital Twin

The DestinE Climate Adaptation Digital Twin leverages digital twin data to facilitate climate adaptation efforts. It involves creating digital representations of physical systems or environments affected by climate change, using these representations to simulate different scenarios, optimize adaptation strategies, and enhance resilience to climate-related challenges.

Services associated:


Sesame makes data from Copernicus and others (statistics, atmospheric or climate) accessible via themes and collections from the catalogues. Collections can be browsed and searched by keyword. Products can be viewed, filtered and downloaded according to the provider’s capabilities.

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A novel urban digital twin application to model environmental, social, and economic impacts of road network, mobility
and urban fabric interventions.

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miniDEA is a lightweight, interactive, pluggable and easy to use web visualization component, powered by DEA, for previewing DestinE data.

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Islet Compute

Infrastructure / Platform as a service. Users can deploy and run legacy applications in proximity to the “DestinE Data Portfolio” data available in the DestinE Data Lake.

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DestinE Data Lake Stack Service (SaaS – Jupyterlab/ DASK) facilitate near data processing.

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EDEN is the place to discover and access Earth’s Digital Twin to monitor the effects of natural and human activity on our planet, anticipate extreme events and adapt policies to climate-related challenges.

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